Native has been on the market for 30 years!

27.09 2023

Our agency is one of the longest operating and actively participated in shaping the market of PR services in our country. We celebrated a significant anniversary in the JazzDock club in Prague with clients, business partners, current and former colleagues, in short with everyone who participated and is participating in our success story. Achieving this milestone depends primarily on expertise, an honest approach and tenacity. Although the world has changed in three decades, these are values that work at any time. And so are the people who shaped and are shaping the agency.

We participated in building the paper tower and positive changes

24.07 2023

Also this year, there was a traditional and popular activity organized by our client Mondi Štětí, which is the largest producer of paper and pulp on the Czech market. On the last day of May, the Day of Change event happened on company´s premises. Its main goal is to inspire employees and other participants to make positive changes in their lives and thereby help themselves, their loved ones, their surroundings, and the environment.

Life at Native – part two

20.06 2023

We are not just an agency looking after our clients. We are also a bunch of people. – these are the words we recently greeted you with in an article that revealed the behind-the-scenes of our agency. We are very happy that it has received a lot of positive feedback. And that's why we bring you the second part of this look behind the curtain! So, what has happened with us lately?

Influencers activation with AG FOODS

28.04 2023

Influencer marketing is an integral part of communication plans. And also, an important part of our services for clients. This time, we realized a nice activation for our client AG FOODS. During February, we surprised several selected influencers with fragrant packages with products from this Czech company, which is a leading manufacturer of beverage and food mixes.

Participation in the podcasts as a part of B2B communication

04.04 2023

Podcasts have been more and more popular in the recent years. It is also a great and modern communication format. However, did you know that it can also be an effective form of B2B communication?

Life at Native - take a look behind the scenes!

22.03 2023

We're not just an agency looking after our clients. We're also a group of people who strive to not only continually develop ourselves, but to strengthen collaboration and our company values as well as improve our work environment. So, what has recently happened in this regard? 

Large recruitment campaign for Mondi Štětí. We are looking for 200 people!

01.03 2023

Our client Mondi Štětí, the largest producer of paper packaging and pulp on the Czech market, expands the production of sustainable products. Thanks to an investment in a new paper machine and related infrastructure, nearly 200 new employees will find job opportunities in dozens of different positions across departments from production to administration.

Chocolate Christmas with new products from Milka

12.01 2023

The most delicate Milka chocolate is inseparable from the Christmas period (and not only!). This year, Mondelēz International has also introduced several themed products of this iconic brand for this occasion. You could make Christmas time more pleasant with unusual wishes in the form of chocolate pralines in special gift packaging, traditional figures, advent calendars or chocolate confectioneries in the shape of snow globes. At Native PR, we handled product communication and news profiling in lifestyle media.