Large recruitment campaign for Mondi Štětí. We are looking for 200 people!

01.03 2023

Our client Mondi Štětí, the largest producer of paper packaging and pulp on the Czech market, expands the production of sustainable products. Thanks to an investment in a new paper machine and related infrastructure, nearly 200 new employees will find job opportunities in dozens of different positions across departments from production to administration.

Chocolate Christmas with new products from Milka

12.01 2023

The most delicate Milka chocolate is inseparable from the Christmas period (and not only!). This year, Mondelēz International has also introduced several themed products of this iconic brand for this occasion. You could make Christmas time more pleasant with unusual wishes in the form of chocolate pralines in special gift packaging, traditional figures, advent calendars or chocolate confectioneries in the shape of snow globes. At Native PR, we handled product communication and news profiling in lifestyle media.

We surprised the press together with Saxo Bank

29.12 2022

Thursday, 8 December 2022, was marked by discussions over unlikely scenarios of world events. The Ten shocking predictions for 2023 of our client Saxo Bank were presented in Prague by their creator Steen Jakobsen, Chief Investment Officer at Saxo Bank. The business breakfast with the predictions and such a well-known representative of the investment world was a great success with economic journalists and we believe that both Steen Jakobsen and all the guests enjoyed Thursday morning.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

23.12 2022

We thank our clients and partners for cooperation in 2022. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to the new projects, our cooperation and meetings in 2023!

We organized an international conference for EUMEPS

15.12 2022

In the last week of November, we organized an international conference for the European Association of Manufacturers and Processors of Expanded Polystyrene (EUMEPS). More than 70 participants from all over Europe attended the conference. The main topic of the conference was the current energy market situation and its impact on the industry. Successes and plans in the field of polystyrene foam recycling were also discussed.

We supported the opening of the first ever Enzo Bencini café in the Czech Republic

30.11 2022

The first day of November was in the spirit of delicious teas and excellent Italian coffee from AG Foods, a leading producer and distributor of coffee, teas, soluble beverages, and other products. On that day, the first Enzo Bencini café in the Czech Republic was officially opened in OC Cestlice. AG Foods, which owns the Enzo Bencini coffee brand, held a press conference for journalists on this occasion.

Vaclav Pavelka took part in a panel discussion on price development in PR

22.11 2022

Vaclav Pavelka, founder of Native PR, attended the 22nd annual Forum Media conference and participated in a panel discussion entitled APRA WORKSHOP: How are prices developing in PR? Not only the results of the current research of the PR services market among the members of the Public Relations Association were presented, but the discussion also revolved around other interesting topics and the current situation on the PR market.

Interviews with Kim Fournais, founder of Saxo Bank

08.11 2022

In September, our client Saxo Bank, the Danish investment bank, celebrated its 30th anniversary. In order to honor the occasion, we have prepared interviews with founder and CEO Kim Fournais in collaboration with Forbes magazine and the news portal He spoke about Saxo Bank's performance over the past three decades, the future of banking, sustainability, and ESG areas. Further media activities are still to come. We congratulate Saxo Bank on its anniversary and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with such a great company.


Native PR is a partner of the Forum Media conference

07.10 2022

Native PR agency has become one of the partners of the Forum Media 2022 conference. This is the 22nd edition of the largest conference focused on communication, marketing, and media in the Czech Republic. The conference will take place on 3rd November 2022.

MOL survey: Two-thirds of motorists think that refuelling premium fuels is worthwhile despite the higher price

23.09 2022

In mid-September, Native PR held another press conference. During the event, our client MOL Czech Republic, the second largest operator of petrol stations in the Czech Republic, presented the new generation of premium fuels MOL EVO 3 Plus. These fuels focus on sustainability and provide better performance and engine care.

Tymbe on the front page of Hospodarske noviny

30.06 2022

Our client Tymbe, the largest online temporary jobs provider on the Czech market, was featured on the front page of Hospodarske noviny with its survey and topic of increasing interest in temporary jobs. The survey shows that more than a quarter of Czechs are considering looking for an extra income to support their current job due to rising inflation. The survey results have caught an attention and received media coverage on and as well, and in the print media Tema, Blesk and Profi HR and other.

Vaclav Pavelka won the presentation competition at this years Communication Summit

21.05 2021

Václav Pavelka - our agency's managing consultant - won first place in the RIC PIC presentation competition at the Communication Summit in May. RIC PIC is a cult PR format, where the presenter must cut the topic as best as possible in 6 minutes. This years topic was "How to get emotions into PR".

Click here for the photos of the event.

"Vaccination special" - Newsletter for Mondi Štětí

21.05 2021

For our client, the Mondi Štětí paper mill, we prepare a weekly newsletter dedicated to current information on vaccination against COVID-19. The aim of the "Vaccination Special" is to provide employees with up-to-date information on vaccinations and to motivate them to vaccinate themselves. The newsletter is highly valued not only by the management itself but especially among the employees. At the Native PR agency, we prepare all the content and visual identity of the special.

The cooperation continues

20.05 2021

We can officially announce that we have extended our cooperation with former Olympian Roman Šebrle on behalf of our client – Panasonic - until the end of this year. We, therefore, continue the set cooperation from last year, which now also includes in-store activities. Roman will become the official ambassador of razors. At Native PR, we provide the client with a full service, which includes PR, influencer marketing and crisis communication.

A new client – Traficon Advisors

11.05 2021

Traficon Advisors, a specialist on mergers, acquisitions and corporate financing, announced in early May a plan to ensure at least 80 % of Arca Capital creditors receivables. The key will be the sensitively and transparently managed reorganization of the Arca Group, which will keep its business running and maximize the return on all its assets. Traficon currently represents creditors with receivables of around 2 billion crowns and is ready to take over the representation of other creditors in order to gain the strongest possible position in the creditors' committee.

Native PR, a proud partner of Communication Summit

05.05 2021

Native PR agency is one of the partners of the Communication Summit professional conference. This year, the main consultant of the agency, Václav Pavelka, will introduce himself among the speakers on the topic "We want emotions" and will demonstrate how to get emotions into PR as part of the RIC PIC presentation competition.


Watch the conference on May 18 from 9:00 on!

Developer ACORD Invest, a new client of Native PR

27.04 2021

Native PR is pleased to announce that since April this year, it has begun to represent one of the leading Prague developers - ACORD Invest – a company, that specializes in the reconstruction of architecturally valuable apartment buildings, which combines good address in the centre of Prague and interesting history. ACORD is celebrating fifteen years on the Czech market this year. On the occasion of its jubilee, it decided to restructure into a joint-stock company. From the change of the legal form, it promises mainly higher investment capital and business expansion.

MultiSport survey: Overweight and obesity is increasing among children

14.04 2021

MultiSport, a provider of popular sports employee benefits, focused its research on the youngest generation of (non) athletes. At Native PR, we gave the hard data a story that points to the dangers of lack of exercise and health risks. We also substantiated the data with a quote obtained from an expert, pedagogue and children's coach: “We have observed that children move less and less and spend more time on social networks and watching series. However, with the current pandemic situation, it gets more serious because the children are not guided to move by a teacher or a coach.

Lidya: Every third entrepreneur can close down this year

01.04 2021

One year after the first confirmed case of the disease in the Czech Republic, it is clear that the situation has hurt small businesses and small to medium-sized enterprises in particular. According to a current survey that Native PR has conducted for our client Lidya, last year, more than 70 % of entrepreneurs recorded declines in sales compared to 2019. Given the latest developments and other government measures, every third entrepreneur is planning to close down this year.

Saxo Bank exclusively in the premium Estate magazine

24.03 2021

For Saxo Bank, an investment bank that our agency Native PR has been working with since 2016, we are constantly looking for the best opportunities for brand building. Among the truly prestigious outputs is, for example, an interview in the current issue of Estate magazine. We actively participated in the creation of the interview with Saxo Bank analyst Tomáš Daňhel, and thus achieved the final form of the article, which fully complies with the DNA of the Saxo Bank brand and its rhetoric.

Václav Pavelka elected to the APRA Executive Board

11.02 2021

The founder of the Native PR agency, Václav Pavelka, was elected to the executive board of APRA (Association of Public Relations) yesterday. Václav previously chaired the association itself and thus directly participated in the formation of ethical and professional standards in the field of PR in the Czech Republic. Now, after a short break, he returns to the association. Among other things, he will be in charge of the Lemur professional competition. In 2019, he was awarded by APRA for his lifelong contribution to the field.

Mondi Štětí: A paper legend in the heart of Bohemia

02.02 2021

To support brand awareness and strengthen the image of significant paper company Mondi Štětí, our agency Native PR has created a completely new communication strategy along with the headline.

We have thus launched a new stage of communication towards the general public. The purpose of setting the new image of Mondi Štětí is not only to establish a relationship with the public and potential employees but also to build a sense of pride in the place where people work and live.

Covid is more suitable for alternative financing of companies

31.01 2021

The pandemic has greatly affected the path to new investment loans for the majority of entrepreneurs. There is a lesser demand for large investment loans. Financial houses are prudent, with increasing the price of a loan or requiring stronger collateral.

The situation suits fintech companies. Innovations even allow them to target companies that would be too risky for the banks. The head of the Czech branch of Lidya, which has been a client of the Native PR agency for more than a year now, answered questions for MF Dnes, in an interview arranged by our agency.

The difficulties of sports venues have gained the attention of the news

27.01 2021

For MultiSport Benefit, a leading provider of employee benefits in the field of sports and relaxation, COVID-19 represents a business and communication challenge. Native PR provides services for MultiSport, in the area of ​​crisis communication, for almost a year now. Together, we defend the interests of the entire sports sector, which is experiencing hard times after entering the new year, still under government measures.

Václav Pavelka's commentary on current and future trends in PR

23.01 2021

An interview with our founder - Václav Pavelka - about the future of PR, which was published in the last issue of Marketing and Media magazine, can be viewed here.

Panasonic headphones in the Prago Union clip

17.01 2021

The famous Czech hip-hop group Prago Union presented a new video clip called Olympionic. In addition to DJ and rapper Kato, Panasonic headphones also appeared in the leading role. How did the whole thing start? When we first got our hands on Panasonic Deep Bass wireless headphones at Native PR, it was clear to us that we had to come up with something "bigger". Ideally working with someone who appreciates quality sound and powerful bass. So we ground into a pool where we were sure that is gonna be a demand for similar products.

Olympic winner for Panasonic

04.01 2021

You could say that working for clients is sometimes a small decathlon. The main disciplines are crisis communication, PR services and influencer marketing. In the Native PR agency, we have perfected these skills and thanks to our long-term cooperation with Panasonic, we have also put them into practice. This year's icon in our pre-Christmas communication was the Olympic winner, world champion and moderator - Roman Šebrle. We have fully evaluated his years of professional experience in the campaign's posts for social networks and the client's official website.

EPS ČR has once again chosen Native PR

21.12 2020

The Association of Airpop Manufacturers has again chosen Native PR as its partner for public relations services. This year, they will celebrate 15 years of cooperation. The strategic task of the agency is a communication campaign to support the reduction of energy in buildings and strengthen the perception of polystyrene as the most suitable insulation material. Experienced manager Jana Bartáková will be in charge of the cooperation on behalf of the agency.

Surprise gifts for the ones that expect it the least

14.12 2020

Each of us has someone who brings him joy. Especially in these fragile difficult times, we tend to pay more attention to those important moments and appreciate them. This is exactly what we followed when planning the PR campaign, which we implemented for the Milka chocolate brand at the end of the year. As part of media relations, we collected stories of people who, according to readers, deserve a gift and at the same time will not expect it. Thanks to that, we got into the hands of hundreds of stories, which we rewarded by sending a Christmas package of Milka goodies.

AG foods under the wings of Native PR

01.12 2020

In October we started working for AG Foods. This company from Brno, is currently not very well known to the general public. Nevertheless, it is a leading producer and supplier of instant drinks and food for mass catering and gastronomy, as well as mixtures for vending machines. It was founded 30 years ago and operates in several surrounding countries. Our mandate is to build awareness of AG Foods and its services in the B2C segment, where the company is intensively expanding its activities.

Lidya´s press release: More than a quarter of companies does not have the funds for deferred payments

19.11 2020

At the end of October, the six-month loan deferral period had ended. The end of the moratorium on loan repayments will be the first examination of how the crisis has damaged the economy. However, according to a survey conducted for the client Lidya within the PR services by the Native PR agency, more than a quarter of small and medium-sized companies will not have the funds to repay their loans. Given that the research took place before the introduction of current government measures, it can be expected that the reality will be even worse.

Lidya survey: 12 % of SMEs are worried about their future

09.11 2020

The new restrictions of the economy will mainly affect small and medium-sized enterprises. Even before the introduction of the toughest measures, 12 % of them feared their future. According to a survey conducted for our client Lidya as part of PR services by the Native PR agency, as many as half of small and medium-sized enterprises will have to resort to reducing costs in the event of a renewed economic downturn. Most often, they are going to reduce operating costs, and then it is time to reduce staff costs. Every eighth company fears that it will not survive any further restrictions.

Mondi Štětí participates in the European Paper Bag Day

02.11 2020

For the third year in a row, the European Paper Bag Day was held on 18th October. Mondi has traditionally been involved in this initiative globally. Last year, trees were planted. This year, due to the situation and measures associated with stopping the spread of coronavirus, Native PR has prepared an internal campaign for the client, supported on social networks. We invited employees to use the paper instead of a plastic bag and send us a photo. You can see the result here

Interview with Jana Bartáková for HR Forum

27.10 2020

In the October issue of HR Forum, our senior account manager Jana Bartáková answered questions about the trends of using social networks in the field of HR marketing. You can read whether and how the marketing tools usage have changed here.

Bittersweet shipment successfully delivered

02.10 2020

What do we feel on our tongue when we think of Milka? A combination of delicious alpine milk and the finest chocolate?Precisely! However, Milka expanded its offer and the fans of the purple cow were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the novelty: bittersweet pralines. Selected journalists received the first sample from us and could try themselves how the famous chocolate tastes with 45% share of cocoa. Some of them even wrote to us for another batch. That tells us only one thing - the good old delivery still works!

Betsys's Exclusive Interview: From Computer to Hospodářské noviny

24.09 2020

Native PR is helping Betsys, a leading developer of betting software, to build publicity beyond IT circles. Therefore, we have organized an exclusive interview in Hospodářské noviny. Following the announcement of the ownership changes, we used the right moment to introduce Betsys to the general public. You can read the interview with the founder of Betsys - Jiří Najman, here.

Mondi Štětí offers free COVID-19 tests for its employees

02.09 2020

From Monday, August 31, 2020, Mondi Štětí offers its employees a new benefit - the opportunity to get tested for COVID-19 for free. With this preventive step, Mondi wants to prevent the possible spread of the disease in its plant. New benefit also includes an opportunity for family members to get tested for a discounted price. Mondi also offers the testing to the general public for a standard fee. Native PR took care of both internal and external communication of the whole project. The issued press release appeared in several regional media.

Survey for Lidya: A fifth of SMEs will not have enough to pay their taxes

31.08 2020

Due to coronavirus, companies can file an annual corporate income tax declaration until 18th August, this year. Lidya's research confirmed that this measurement evoked a mainly positive response among the SMEs. According to Lidya, 7 % of businesses planned to borrow for taxes even before the state of emergency emerged. However, the economic situation of many of them has gone significantly worse and according to current data, 17 % of small and medium-sized companies do not have money to pay for their taxes, 14 % of them will probably be forced to close down.

MultiSport celebrated 10 years on the Czech market

14.08 2020

MultiSport entered the Czech market exactly 10 years ago. The beautiful anniversary was celebrated with several innovations, such as new phone app, an extended offer of sports or online videos, as well as a big competition for MultiSport test cards. Did you know that since the beginning, Czechs have been sporting with MultiSport card for more than 23 million hours? PR and communication services for MultiSport are provided by the Native PR agency.

Our client, Lidya, acquired its 100th client in a few months

07.08 2020

Lidya entered the Czech market at the beginning of the year. They had big plans right from the start. Not even global pandemic nor the state of emergency in the Czech Republic disrupted these plans. On the contrary! Lidya reached its first milestone in July when provided its 100th client with a loan. A company in the field of transport and logistics received a loan of 300,000 crowns. In total, Lidya has already lent 23 million crowns to small and medium-sized businesses in the Czech Republic. PR services for Lidya are provided by the Native PR agency.

Internal magazines still have their place in corporate communication

01.08 2020

In some particularly large organizations, internal magazines are still one of the most important sources of corporate communication. These include one of our largest clients - Mondi Štětí. The internal magazine Síto has been published for decades and has naturally undergone many changes during that time. The last big change took place this year, both in visual form and in content. The magazine now has more modern look, and in addition to the cleaner design, sections dedicated to employees and their initiatives have also been added. Native PR is in charge of all the preparations for Síto.

Smart house from Xiaomi

15.07 2020

Today, the traditional showroom will no longer lift anyone out of their chair. But what about making things more interesting? Rent an apartment with a unique atmosphere in the city centre and show the products simply in practice? For our client WittyTrade (main distributor of the Xiaomi brand in the Czech Republic) we put this idea in motion. Xiaomi is not only smartphones but also smart home products. The whole apartment is designed so that all products can be tested in a real situation.

Influencer marketing? No problem!

17.06 2020

A complete PR service, crisis communication and an here and there some event organisation - that is our daily bread. Occasionally, however, it is necessary to expand the scope and grind into other waters. Especially if we want to please the client in the field of product PR. One of the ways to expand the scope of communication is influencer marketing. During the year, our clients launch a lot of new products, that includes official events. One of those took place in London and our task was to provide influencers who will go there to see and create content for their platforms.

Xiaomi under the wings of Native PR

12.06 2020

We do love new technology at Native PR, which is why we are very happy that Witty Trade s.r.o., one of the two official distributors of the Xiaomi brand for the Czech Republic, has chosen our agency for communication. Active cooperation between the two parties was launched in May. "Xiaomi products are very popular on the Czech market. However, with the growing popularity of the brand, the need for quality PR services is also growing.

Native PR seeks for new colleagues

10.06 2020

We grow! Do you want to grow with us?
We are looking for a talented and sympathetic colleague who:
● has experience with agency life
● has perfect communication skills
● has perfect spoken and written Czech
● has no problem with English
● is a team player
● honours fairness, responsibility, work structure - in short, he has his head on his neck
● does not lack self-reflection, has a perspective and a desire to learn new things
And what do we offer?

Native PR on headlines of leading news servers

26.05 2020

The role of a PR agency is to help clients in building good relations with the public. One of the ways to achieve this goal is through positive publicity, based on choosing the right topics at a certain time and, of course, presenting them correctly. The fact that Native PR is a leader in this area is also proven by its project to increase agencies visibility during the coronavirus crisis. It included a short public opinion poll examining how Czechs perceive news about coronavirus, which media are the key source of information and what role social networks play in corona-era.

The chief economist of the Danish Saxo Bank visited Prague

13.05 2020

The future belongs to strategies that come not only from the brains but also from the heart," said Saxo Bank's chief economist - Steen Jakobsen, whom we welcomed at the end of January in Prague,in the interview for internet portal The interview was based on the topic of climate change and inflation, which Steen Jakobsen addressed in his quarterly macroeconomic outlook, and which he said will be a topic that will continue to resonate and gain in importance.

Mondi Štětí: The correct timing and appropriately chosen topic are the keys to a good press release

01.05 2020

It is not easy to draw journalists attention, mainly because they receive dozens of press releases every day - especially during the coronavirus crisis. The key to success is to choose a current topic, the press release has to be written attractively and its release must be timed well.

MultiSport has hired Native PR for crisis communication

23.04 2020

MultiSport Benefit, the leader in sports and relaxation employee benefits, hired Native PR to provide communications support and lobbying related to government anti-coronavirus measures, that had a direct impact on MultiSport facilities, such as fitness centres etc. „The current situation has affected the physical activity sector as hard as hoteliers, restaurateurs and other services.

Mondi Štětí: Creativity as a key to a good employer branding

17.04 2020

As a part of our HR marketing services provided to our client – the biggest Czech paper mills Mondi Štětí, we implemented a creative concept as well as accompanying activities to support the increase of participants in regular employee satisfaction surveys. Historically, it has struggled with relatively low employee participation, and it has proved once again, that a new creative concept put together with good communication of both the survey itself and its results, significantly increases the number of completed questionnaires.

Native PR´s Survey: One in four entrepreneurs had previously borrowed money for tax paymen

17.04 2020

For the financial technology startup Lidya, which entered the Czech market in November 2019, we carried out research as a part of a brand awareness campaign, which was attended by 320 entrepreneurs and companies with up to fifty employees. The survey contained a total of 9 questions focused on information about loans. Among other things, it resulted in an interesting finding that in the past, 25 % of the surveyed entrepreneurs had to borrow money to pay the taxes.

Our client published on a front page of MF Dnes

12.03 2020

As a part of the editorial cooperation, 513 000 readers read about our client, the Wüstenrot financial group. The topic of intergenerational solidarity, designed and processed by our agency Native PR, appeared on the front page as well as on almost the entire page 6. In the beginning, there was a new communication concept for the Wüstenrot financial group, which freely followed the product division of target groups and used the current topic of housing shortages.

Communication under the threat of Coronavirus

06.03 2020

Did you have to change your plans due to the pandemic? Are you struggling with either external or internal communication? We are here for you. Don't hesitate to contact us via

Panasonic has launched new products for 2020

02.03 2020

The premises of Občanská plovárna by the Vltava River were dominated by Panasonic products on Wednesday, February 26, 2020. The official presentation of new products from all segments was attended by journalists, business partners, brand ambassadors and market representatives from Central Europe. The event was also attended by David Preece, General Director for Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo,of which Panasonic is an official partner, he also spoke about sustainable company projects for the future.

Valentine's day with Milka

17.02 2020

As part of the celebration of St. Valentine's Day, Milka launched a new advertising campaign called "The finest way of declaration". To that occasion, Native PR agency has prepared creative opportunities for direct contact with customers. These include a special Valentine's screening at the famous cinema Aero in Žižkov. The audience has traditionally been gifted with Milka pralines. In the same way, couples in love on selected train stations and customers of the two largest shopping centres in Prague and Bratislava were gifted as well.

MOL has launched a new collaboration with tennis player Karolína Plíšková

02.01 2020

The second-biggest player on the Czech petrol station market - MOL Czech Republic - has just announced a collaboration with Czech women's tennis no 1. - Karolína Plíšková.
This unique partnership is only one of the many steps MOL has decided to take to help to develop Czech sport in the long-term period. The company engages in sponsoring and partnership with sportsmen since they entered the local market in 2015. Among others, MOL is currently the main sponsor of the football championship - MOL Cup, women's handball league - MOL league or Rallye team Vančík Motosport.

The Czech Republic is a Beacon for Beer Sector in Europe

17.12 2019

Last year, breweries of EU members states produced 406 million hectolitres of beer. Since 2013, the production has continually increased, it was 386 million in that year. However, the number of breweries has increased even faster, there are more than 10 thousand breweries. These are predominantly small craft breweries. The Czech Republic, with its production of more than 20 million hectolitres, is not one of the largest producers. However, it holds a prominent position in Europe. Our country gave to the world the type of beer currently consumed by most people worldwide.

Milka Sings for the Deaf

04.12 2019

This year’s Christmas campaign of famous chocolate and biscuit brand encourages to express gratitude to those who do not expect it. Milka worked on the campaign entitled “Make a present to those who do not expect it” with the European Union of the Deaf. The key element of the campaign is a TV spot containing the “You've got the love” song in which one of the roles is played by a deaf actor.

Saxo Bank Celebrates 10 Years on the Czech Market

25.10 2019

Saxo Bank, Danish investment firm, proved to the world that it is actually possible to convert a small office into the European headquarters in 10 years, and it currently celebrates its first decade of operations in the Czech Republic. In 2019, Saxo Bank entered into the Czech market which, according to comments by the founder and CEO Kim Fournais, offered numerous opportunities both for its growth and development of the investment fund itself.

When a Firm does not Lack Courage!

08.10 2019

Recently, we have performed an in-depth analysis of employee needs for Carrier Transicold based at Mýto
u Berouna. The client requested this activity on the basis of outputs from a satisfaction survey that highlighted several shortcomings in human resources management.

EDTNA/ERCA International Conference with Participation of Baxter

19.09 2019

The renal failure diagnosis with the necessity of dialysis is a significant milestone for each patient in his/her life. At present,dialysis is performed in most patients at the recommendation of healthcare professionals in dialysis centres and limits patients primarily by its time-consuming nature. Baxter brings a modern and gentle treatment method – peritoneal dialysis that patients may perform at the comfort of their own homes. This treatment method significantly increases the quality of life of patients and is an ideal bridge to kidney transplantation.

Last Week in September will see Czech Beer Days

18.09 2019

On Thursday 12 September 2019, we, together with the Czech Association of Breweries and Malthouses, organised a press conference regarding the 7th year of Czech Beer Days 2019. Interim results of the brewing sector for July 2019 were presented, in the presence of journalists, on the sun terrace of T-Anker in the Kotva department store. The results are rather positive – exports have continued to grow; the popularity of lagers has been increasing and consumption of draught beer prevails over PET bottles.

Czechs Continue to be rather Conservative as Investors

13.09 2019

Czechs are conservative and lag behind the West in investing”,says Tadeáš Trojan, managing partner of Powder Gate, in its comment for the September issue of the Forbes magazine. Powder Gate is an investment company formed and operating in New York, which primarily specialises in investments in starting innovative firms and perspective shares on the American market. It predominantly manages funds of Czech investors – currently in the amount of approximately CZK 500 million. Native PR currently assists to Powder Gate in addressing of other local investors.

The EPS ČR Association Anticipates an Increase in the Demand for Polysterene

02.09 2019

onstruction of new houses and apartments in family houses in the Czech Republic has been increasing. However, the construction of a house is rather expensive due to stricter limits for energy consumption. These limits will start to apply starting from the following year. According to these limits, new buildings will have to have lower energy consumption by one fifth in comparison to their current consumption. The higher price will consequently result from an increased quality of thermal insulation. This information was published in leading Czech media led by for example Hospodářské noviny.

Taking out a Mortgage Raises Unnecessary Concerns. See forYourselfon the Housing Comparison Website by Wüstenrot

12.07 2019

Eight out of ten Czechs prefer living in the housing that they own. Prices of apartments have significantly increased in the past decade, predominantly in large cities. The availability of own housing has been worsening and concerns about a long-term financial obligation in the form of a mortgage loan makes more and more people to live in rented apartments. Wüstenrot compared monthly costs of the mortgage loan with costs of apartment rental in individual regions.

Seminar "How to list a tender"

19.06 2019

On Wednesday, June 12, a seminar was held at the PR Club on how to list a tender and select a PR agency. The management partner of our agency, Václav Pavelka, participated as a speaker. The participants agreed that the clients were looking for high-quality agency teams, and therefore tenders should have far more recruitment parameters than raw resources or technologies. The efficiency of the whole process is also important.

MOL: Fuels with “Quality Certificate”

18.06 2019

At a press conference that we organised for our client, MOL, directly at a filling station in Podolí, Prague, cooperation with SGS was officially announced. SGS is number one on the worldwide market of inspections, verifications and certifications, and will be an independent control body for the monitoring of fuels at MOL filling stations. Directly on the spot, attendants had the possibility to see sampling and testing of fuel samples thanks to a mobile laboratory; since that moment, the fuels bear the Quality Certificate.

V. Pavelka lectured in Warsaw

13.06 2019

On 7 June, our managing partner Václav Pavelka participated in the Warsaw International Conference of the Poultry Association in Warsaw. He was invited to the conference as a communication expert and consultant and spoke about "The Reputation of Polish Food in the Czech Republic". Although Poland is one of Europe's largest food suppliers, and millions of satisfied customers in many countries buy Polish products, Václav Pavelka says that we will still need to work on the reputation of Polish food in our country.

Rally Day with MOL

13.06 2019

Rally Day with MOL was held in Bělá pod Bezdězem on Tuesday 4th June. The event was organized for MOL wholesale partners to strengthen partnerships. The program of the day was very varied. Alongside riders from the Vančík Motorsport team, rally circuit participants could enjoy the role of being a Fabia R5 co-driver,test their driving skills on an offroad polygon, experience driving under the simulated influence of alcohol and drugs, or drive buggies.

Lemur 2019 - 3rd place for MOL Fresh Corner

04.06 2019

This year's Czech PR Prize awarded 3rd place to the MOL Fresh Corner project. The 14th Czech PR Prize - Lemur 2019, organized by the Association of PR Agencies (APRA), took place on the first Tuesday of June. The expert committee selected two projects from the Native PR laboratory for the final nominations. With the project "Fresh Corner as a building block of MOL", we placed in a beautiful 3rd place in the category "Services." With the second project "External defibrillators that save lives at MOL stations" we appeared among the five nominated in the "Press Conference " category.

Another Making a Difference Day took place in Mondi Štětí

01.06 2019

The Making a Difference Day 2019: Mondi Štětí is a place where we enjoy living! The biggest Czech paper mill Mondi Štětí has held the traditional 22.-23. May Making a Difference Day with Safety Theme. The program included both educational and entertaining activities for both employees and children from adjacent primary schools. Employees did not hesitate and embarked on solving of trapboxes, trying to shoot sound at a target or walking with a blind dog.

Mondelez promotes responsible cultivation of wheat

30.05 2019

Mondelez's Harmony Initiative promotes responsible wheat cultivation. Mondelez presented the Harmony project at a press trip in the Lovosice plant, the principle of which is to support sustainable and environmentally friendly wheat growing. From 2022 Mondelez will produce all biscuits in Europe only from wheat grown with minimal use of pesticides and fertilizers. In the fields of farmers who supply this special wheat to the group, part of the fields are left as a meadow belt and a country lane for pollinators. Basic Products …

The export of Czech beer is growing

30.05 2019

The export of Czech beer is successful: you can find it in Antarctica, in Bahrain or Ecuador. Last year, Czech breweries exported 5.2 million hectoliters of beer abroad, which was 11.8 percent more than in 2017. The largest volume, which was exported to EU countries, grew by 10 percent year-on-year; however, exports to other countries exceeded it with dynamic growth, the Czech Breweries and Maltsters Association said on Thursday. Exports to non-EU countries rose by a fifth last year, beer from the Czech Republic is heading to virtually all markets in the world.

MOL has expanded its cooperation with IRS

29.05 2019

Firefighters and police officers newly refuel in MOL stations

MOL Czech Republic, together with the State Material Reserves Administration announced the signing of a contract for the provision of fuel supplies in time of crisis at a press briefing. As a result, the network of petrol stations will be expanded, so units of the Integrated Rescue System can refuel preferentially and free of charge. Now firefighters and police officers can refuel at every third petrol station in the Czech Republic.