Our client Mondi Štětí, the largest producer of paper packaging and pulp on the Czech market, expands the production of sustainable products. Thanks to an investment in a new paper machine and related infrastructure, nearly 200 new employees will find job opportunities in dozens of different positions across departments from production to administration. As part of our cooperation, we have designed and prepared, and we are now implementing a recruitment campaign for Mondi Štětí, the aim of which is not only to strengthen brand awareness, but also to introduce individual positions and benefits. The recruitment campaign consists of a range of activities, and we use a variety of communication tools and channels in both offline and online environments. The campaign also includes a part, where the company communicates and shows successful women in operations departments and areas. And the company shows that positions are obviously also suitable for women. The video features female employees of the company who present their professional and life stories. You can watch the video here (in CZ)