After a year, the leaders of Czech politics and business gathered symbolically again at the Prague Crossroads, a place associated with Václav Havel, to evaluate where we have moved as a society over the past year. As the Aspen Annual Conference 2023 is in high demand by journalists, the Native agency was in charge of media relations.
The event was opened by President Petr Pavel, who urged us not to allow "the erosion of the principles on which our world stands". "The work of maintaining the values of education and continuously replenishing democratic deficits is a never-ending process. Even if it's a Sisyphean job, any alternative is worse.”
Other speakers - Professor of European Studies at Oxford University Timothy Garton Ash, Professor Tomáš Halík - addressed values as a new trend in the digital age. They discussed the relationship of Western democracies to Russia and China, to education, to the support of small companies, to the transition to a green economy. The panels were filled with stars, ministers debated, Czech ambassador to NATO Jakub Landovský, European Commissioner Věra Jourová also arrived.
Journalists had something to write about, and anyone who wanted could even watch the discussions live via the Internet. It was an honor to contribute at least a little to the success of the Aspen Institute CE Annual Conference.
You can find a recording of the entire conference here: