We're not just an agency looking after our clients. We're also a group of people who strive to not only continually develop ourselves, but to strengthen collaboration and our company values as well as improve our work environment. So, what has recently happened in this regard? 

We attend not only external communication events and workshops, but we also like to share our experience internally. In recent weeks, we have focused on various topics in our office, for example, on strategic or crisis communication, and on time management as well, which is very important these days. The topic of artificial intelligence is coming up soon. Of course, we also run our training courses in a modern hybrid mode, so that our colleagues from the home "offices" will not miss out.

The traditional Monday meetings during which we share news and inspire each other with various case studies became an important part of our life. However, we know very well that sometimes we need a break from work, which is why we regularly meet for breakfast or lunch together. For example, last time we celebrated International Women's Day, the day of our wonderful colleagues.

We also improve our working environment to feel great and with practicality having  in mind. That's why we have our office in beautiful centre of Prague upgraded with a special phone booth, which everyone can use to make their own calls without disturbing others.

If you want to see and experience more, we look forward to welcoming you!


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