We are not just an agency looking after our clients. We are also a bunch of people. – these are the words we recently greeted you with in an article that revealed the behind-the-scenes of our agency. We are very happy that it has received a lot of positive feedback. And that's why we bring you the second part of this look behind the curtain! So, what has happened with us lately?

In May, we attended the Communication Summit event organized by Blue Events company, the main theme was authenticity and thus how to simply be yourself. We gathered a lot of information from interesting and more than up-to-date topics from sustainability to influencers.

But it is not only participation in large conferences that bring us inspiration. Sharing of information is also important for us within our Quarterly evaluation meetings. During them, we go through individual client accounts together, celebrate successes and share experiences. This is a great opportunity to inspire each other across the agency.

At the beginning of May, we also decided to produce all of us new photographs and our office space as well. The agency photo shoot activity turned out to be one big logistical event. But we managed it successfully. Below you can see some photos of how it looks like in our office.

We are aware that it is important to take a break from work sometimes, which is why we have our popular meet ups for breakfast or lunch together. Currently, we are also planning to go to the riverbank together and enjoy a well-deserved glass of beer or two after work, before we slowly and surely go for our vacation.


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