We have another part of our look behind the curtain for you. It can be said that already traditional invitations to see what's going on in Native. And there is definitely something to talk about. The past months have been filled (as well as the whole year) with great projects. We started autumn with an imaginary event of the decade. Shortly before the first autumn day, we celebrated our thirtieth anniversary together with clients, business partners and current and former colleagues. On the occasion of the celebration, we decided to financially support one of the programs of the Via Foundation, with which we have been cooperating for a long time. Thanks to everyone who contributed with us. The total amount was CZK 58,000.

After the summer rest and preparations, we threw ourselves full of energy into the implementation of the planned events. In quick succession, for example, we helped mediaize conferences for the Aspen Institute, as well as Innovation Week. We had the opportunity to be at the interviews with a representative of OpenAI, representatives of universities from Stanford, MIT and CTU. One of the biggest events, which was whispered about and subject to light secrecy even among us, was the opening of the first Czech Popeyes restaurant. It was an honor to be there and participate in this amazing milestone, which generated a lot of interest in the media and the public. We have mentioned only some of the many interesting activities.

We didn't forget each other either. Whether from a professional or personal side. Our representatives set out to gather news for the next edition of the Forum Media conference, of which we were also a partner. We carried out an internal quarterly evaluation filled with inspiration, which we enjoyed with a joint lunch scented with Italy. The end of the year was marked by a Christmas party with good food and drink and the testing of sweets from home stock. And we must not forget about the secret Santa - each of us prepared one anonymous gift and in return received and unwrapped another one. There was also an agency gift for each of us, with whom we parted for the Christmas holidays and subsequent agency Christmas leave. We also started the new year together. Already a traditional agency event, when we evaluated the past year and looked at the one that started. And what was missing? You probably guessed that. Great food. With a full stomach and a good mood, everything goes better right away, which is why we threw ourselves into the implementation of activities and preparations for upcoming projects from the first days.

May your year be filled with health, well-being, happiness and joy!