Our long-time client, Tymbe, the largest online platform with brigades in the Czech Republic, opened up in the media the hot topic of the change in legislation, which will negatively affect all companies that use temporary workers on a contract for the performance of work (DPP).

"After the recent amendment, DPP has become the most complicated form of employment - paradoxically, it will only make sense for stable and long-term part-timers, where companies can assess that this form is still worth it (but they cannot be very stable and long-term, since would not fit into the limit). In general, it now makes much more sense for brigades to use DPČ. As part of our advertising application, the structure of temporary agency contractors has changed significantly over the years. Last year, direct employers with DPP made up about 50% of the contracting authorities, today they only make up 8%," Michal Harásek, co-founder of Tymbe, told the media.

We managed to get the given topic to all major media within one week. The biggest success was the first page in the national edition of MF DNES.

​You can read one of the articles that was published online here.