Recently, we have performed an in-depth analysis of employee needs for Carrier Transicold based at Mýto
u Berouna. The client requested this activity on the basis of outputs from a satisfaction survey that highlighted several shortcomings in human resources management.

In increased fluctuation and fatal lack of candidates on the job market is not an issue of months, rather of years. In spite of that fact, numerous firms still refuse to invest time and money in their employees and attribute the increasing employee outflow to unfortunate space constellations. They pretend that the pink elephant in the room does not exist and they secretly hope that the situation will surely change in a month (or two, maybe three?) and they will not have to change anything.

Given this fact, we have more reasons for an applause for Transicold and its courage in facing the truth, being open,sincere, entering into a dialogue, and sometimes simply being able to admit a mistake.