Vaclav Pavelka, founder of Native PR, attended the 22nd annual Forum Media conference and participated in a panel discussion entitled APRA WORKSHOP: How are prices developing in PR? Not only the results of the current research of the PR services market among the members of the Public Relations Association were presented, but the discussion also revolved around other interesting topics and the current situation on the PR market.

Following the panel discussion, an article was published in a Marketing & Media magazine which summarised and highlighted its most significant moments. The central theme was an economic situation and rising agency costs. "Our people are the main guarantee of service quality. If we cannot increase sales, margins will decrease and a pressure to reduce quality will appear. Nowhere you can buy better service quality for less money. It is important to find a balance," Marketing & Media quoted Vaclav Pavelka. The article was published in the 45th issue of this magazine. You can also read it here in Czech:


Photo: Marketing & Media, 45/2022