As a part of the editorial cooperation, 513 000 readers read about our client, the Wüstenrot financial group. The topic of intergenerational solidarity, designed and processed by our agency Native PR, appeared on the front page as well as on almost the entire page 6. In the beginning, there was a new communication concept for the Wüstenrot financial group, which freely followed the product division of target groups and used the current topic of housing shortages. Part of the proposal prepared by our agency was an extensive survey mapping whether intergenerational solidarity in the field of housing works in our country and if yes, in what forms. Native PR chose to communicate this project exclusively with Mladá fronta DNES and its online portal Together with experts from the Wüstenrot financial group, we presented the outcome of the survey to the media in February 2020 during an informal meeting called: Housing crisis returns children home. Thanks to well-managed media relations, the participation of journalists was abundant, and thanks to high-quality data journalism and copywriting the publicity was also abundant. More than 10 million readers have read about the topic in almost 100 articles.