The export of Czech beer is successful: you can find it in Antarctica, in Bahrain or Ecuador. Last year, Czech breweries exported 5.2 million hectoliters of beer abroad, which was 11.8 percent more than in 2017. The largest volume, which was exported to EU countries, grew by 10 percent year-on-year; however, exports to other countries exceeded it with dynamic growth, the Czech Breweries and Maltsters Association said on Thursday. Exports to non-EU countries rose by a fifth last year, beer from the Czech Republic is heading to virtually all markets in the world. Among the areas where Czech beer was exported in a significant volume,even Antarctica was present. This, along with Angola, Bahrain,Bermuda, Philippines, Senegal and Ecuador, is among the seven new,exciting export destinations.

“The export of Czech beer has been strengthening in the long term, most dynamically in the last seven years, when it increased by 62 percent in volume. This suggests its immense popularity abroad. Beer culture in different parts of the world is dramatically different, but Czech beer is successful in promoting and finding its firm place. Moreover, we are able to export cask and tank beer, which helps to spread Czech beer culture in the world, ”said František Šámal, Chairman of the Czech Brewers and Maltsters Association.