For MultiSport Benefit, a leading provider of employee benefits in the field of sports and relaxation, COVID-19 represents a business and communication challenge. Native PR provides services for MultiSport, in the area of ​​crisis communication, for almost a year now. Together, we defend the interests of the entire sports sector, which is experiencing hard times after entering the new year, still under government measures. At the end of January, we alerted journalists about its existential difficulties through a survey of sports venue operators: “According to MultiSport Benefit, usually the first two months of the year represent the strongest period of sales for sports venues. 16 percent of them will not be able to handle the loss of revenue and will go bankrupt. About half of the sports venues have a financial reserve for one to two months. State “rescue“compensations are not enough. For many, the only solution is opening. The source of this information is the current MultiSport Benefit survey, which cooperates with about two thousand sports and relaxation venues in the Czech Republic.

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