Last year, breweries of EU members states produced 406 million hectolitres of beer. Since 2013, the production has continually increased, it was 386 million in that year. However, the number of breweries has increased even faster, there are more than 10 thousand breweries. These are predominantly small craft breweries. The Czech Republic, with its production of more than 20 million hectolitres, is not one of the largest producers. However, it holds a prominent position in Europe. Our country gave to the world the type of beer currently consumed by most people worldwide. We are additionally one of trend setters in non-alcoholic beer, the quality, taste and variety of which has intensively developed in the past 20 years and its share has steadily increased in the Czech Republic and other countries. Since January, a positive measure has been an applicable decrease in VAT for draught beer which will promote sustainability of business activities in the hospitality industry – the industrial sector important in terms of economy and culture. This and more is discussed by Pierre-Olivier Bergeron,head of the Brewers of Europe in an interview for Hospodářské noviny in the preparation of which our agency took part. For details refer to: