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MultiSport has hired Native PR for crisis communication

MultiSport Benefit, the leader in sports and relaxation employee benefits, hired Native PR to provide communications support and lobbying related to government anti-coronavirus measures, that had a direct impact on MultiSport facilities, such as fitness centres etc. „The current situation has affected the physical activity sector as hard as hoteliers, restaurateurs and other services. From the beginning, we have tried to act on behalf of our almost 2,000 partners, to draw the government's attention towards the problems they are facing and to...


Native PR´s Survey: One in four entrepreneurs had previously borrowed money for tax payment

For the financial technology startup Lidya, which entered the Czech market in November 2019, we carried out research as a part of a brand awareness campaign, which was attended by 320 entrepreneurs and companies with up to fifty employees. The survey contained a total of 9 questions focused on information about loans. Among other things, it resulted in an interesting finding that in the past, 25 % of the surveyed entrepreneurs had to borrow money to pay the taxes. Given the current situation and the introduction of the government...


Mondi Štětí: Creativity as a key to a good employer branding

As a part of our HR marketing services provided to our client – the biggest Czech paper mills Mondi Štětí, we implemented a creative concept as well as accompanying activities to support the increase of participants in regular employee satisfaction surveys. Historically, it has struggled with relatively low employee participation, and it has proved once again, that a new creative concept put together with good communication of both the survey itself and its results, significantly increases the number of completed questionnaires. In Mondi's...


Our client published on a front page of MF Dnes

As a part of the editorial cooperation, 513 000 readers read about our client, the Wüstenrot financial group. The topic of intergenerational solidarity, designed and processed by our agency Native PR, appeared on the front page as well as on almost the entire page 6. In the beginning, there was a new communication concept for the Wüstenrot financial group, which freely followed the product division of target groups and used the current topic of housing shortages. Part of the proposal prepared by our agency was an extensive survey mapping...


Communication under the threat of Coronavirus

Did you have to change your plans due to the pandemic? Are you struggling with either external or internal communication? We are here for you. Don't hesitate to contact us via


Panasonic has launched new products for 2020

The premises of Občanská plovárna by the Vltava River were dominated by Panasonic products on Wednesday, February 26, 2020. The official presentation of new products from all segments was attended by journalists, business partners, brand ambassadors and market representatives from Central Europe. The event was also attended by David Preece, General Director for Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, of which Panasonic is an official partner, he also spoke about sustainable company projects for...


Valentine's day with Milka

As part of the celebration of St. Valentine's Day, Milka launched a new advertising campaign called "The finest way of declaration". To that occasion, Native PR agency has prepared creative opportunities for direct contact with customers. These include a special Valentine's screening at the famous cinema Aero in Žižkov. The audience has traditionally been gifted with Milka pralines. In the same way, couples in love on selected train stations and customers of the two largest shopping centres in Prague and Bratislava were gifted as well. In...


MOL has launched a new collaboration with tennis player Karolína Plíšková

The second-biggest player on the Czech petrol station market - MOL Czech Republic - has just announced a collaboration with Czech women's tennis no 1. - Karolína Plíšková. This unique partnership is only one of the many steps MOL has decided to take to help to develop Czech sport in the long-term period. The company engages in sponsoring and partnership with sportsmen since they entered the local market in 2015. Among others, MOL is currently the main sponsor of the football championship - MOL Cup, women's handball league - MOL league or...


The Czech Republic is a Beacon for Beer Sector in Europe

Last year, breweries of EU members states produced 406 million hectolitres of beer. Since 2013, the production has continually increased, it was 386 million in that year. However, the number of breweries has increased even faster, there are more than 10 thousand breweries. These are predominantly small craft breweries. The Czech Republic, with its production of more than 20 million hectolitres, is not one of the largest producers. However, it holds a prominent position in Europe. Our country gave to the world the type of beer currently...


Milka Sings for the Deaf

This year’s Christmas campaign of famous chocolate and biscuit brand encourages to express gratitude to those who do not expect it. Milka worked on the campaign entitled “Make a present to those who do not expect it” with the European Union of the Deaf. The key element of the campaign is a TV spot containing the “You've got the love” song in which one of the roles is played by a deaf actor. For the Czech and Slovak market, Milka additionally prepared an educational video with the Merry Christmas greeting in cooperation with Native PR and...