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Lemur 2019 - 3rd place for MOL Fresh Corner

This year's Czech PR Prize awarded 3rd place to the MOL Fresh Corner project. The 14th Czech PR Prize - Lemur 2019, organized by the Association of PR Agencies (APRA), took place on the first Tuesday of June. The expert committee selected two projects from the Native PR laboratory for the final nominations. With the project "Fresh Corner as a building block of MOL", we placed in a beautiful 3rd place in the category "Services." With the second project "External defibrillators that save lives at MOL stations" we appeared among the five...


Another Making a Difference Day took place in Mondi Štětí

The Making a Difference Day 2019: Mondi Štětí is a place where we enjoy living! The biggest Czech paper mill Mondi Štětí has held the traditional 22.-23. May Making a Difference Day with Safety Theme. The program included both educational and entertaining activities for both employees and children from adjacent primary schools. Employees did not hesitate and embarked on solving of trapboxes, trying to shoot sound at a target or walking with a blind dog. In turn, the children had the opportunity to compete at their sites for a sum of money for...


The export of Czech beer is growing

The export of Czech beer is successful: you can find it in Antarctica, in Bahrain or Ecuador. Last year, Czech breweries exported 5.2 million hectoliters of beer abroad, which was 11.8 percent more than in 2017. The largest volume, which was exported to EU countries, grew by 10 percent year-on-year; however, exports to other countries exceeded it with dynamic growth, the Czech Breweries and Maltsters Association said on Thursday. Exports to non-EU countries rose by a fifth last year, beer from the Czech Republic is heading to virtually all...


Mondelez promotes responsible cultivation of wheat

Mondelez's Harmony Initiative promotes responsible wheat cultivation. Mondelez presented the Harmony project at a press trip in the Lovosice plant, the principle of which is to support sustainable and environmentally friendly wheat growing. From 2022 Mondelez will produce all biscuits in Europe only from wheat grown with minimal use of pesticides and fertilizers. In the fields of farmers who supply this special wheat to the group, part of the fields are left as a meadow belt and a country lane for pollinators. Basic Products … The basic...


MOL has expanded its cooperation with IRS

Firefighters and police officers newly refuel in MOL stations MOL Czech Republic, together with the State Material Reserves Administration announced the signing of a contract for the provision of fuel supplies in time of crisis at a press briefing. As a result, the network of petrol stations will be expanded, so units of the Integrated Rescue System can refuel preferentially and free of charge. Now firefighters and police officers can refuel at every third petrol station in the Czech Republic. “The inclusion of MOL filling stations in the...