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Surprise gifts for the ones that expect it the least

Each of us has someone who brings him joy. Especially in these fragile difficult times, we tend to pay more attention to those important moments and appreciate them. This is exactly what we followed when planning the PR campaign, which we implemented for the Milka chocolate brand at the end of the year. As part of media relations, we collected stories of people who, according to readers, deserve a gift and at the same time will not expect it. Thanks to that, we got into the hands of hundreds of stories, which we rewarded by sending a Christmas...


AG foods under the wings of Native PR

In October we started working for AG Foods. This company from Brno, is currently not very well known to the general public. Nevertheless, it is a leading producer and supplier of instant drinks and food for mass catering and gastronomy, as well as mixtures for vending machines. It was founded 30 years ago and operates in several surrounding countries. Our mandate is to build awareness of AG Foods and its services in the B2C segment, where the company is intensively expanding its activities. Current information can also be read in an interview...


Lidya´s press release: More than a quarter of companies does not have the funds for deferred payments

At the end of October, the six-month loan deferral period had ended. The end of the moratorium on loan repayments will be the first examination of how the crisis has damaged the economy. However, according to a survey conducted for the client Lidya within the PR services by the Native PR agency, more than a quarter of small and medium-sized companies will not have the funds to repay their loans. Given that the research took place before the introduction of current government measures, it can be expected that the reality will be even worse....


Lidya survey: 12 % of SMEs are worried about their future

The new restrictions of the economy will mainly affect small and medium-sized enterprises. Even before the introduction of the toughest measures, 12 % of them feared their future. According to a survey conducted for our client Lidya as part of PR services by the Native PR agency, as many as half of small and medium-sized enterprises will have to resort to reducing costs in the event of a renewed economic downturn. Most often, they are going to reduce operating costs, and then it is time to reduce staff costs. Every eighth company fears that it...


Mondi Štětí participates in the European Paper Bag Day

For the third year in a row, the European Paper Bag Day was held on 18th October. Mondi has traditionally been involved in this initiative globally. Last year, trees were planted. This year, due to the situation and measures associated with stopping the spread of coronavirus, Native PR has prepared an internal campaign for the client, supported on social networks. We invited employees to use the paper instead of a plastic bag and send us a photo. You can see the result here...


Interview with Jana Bartáková for HR Forum

In the October issue of HR Forum, our senior account manager Jana Bartáková answered questions about the trends of using social networks in the field of HR marketing. You can read whether and how the marketing tools usage have changed here.


Bittersweet shipment successfully delivered

What do we feel on our tongue when we think of Milka? A combination of delicious alpine milk and the finest chocolate? Precisely! However, Milka expanded its offer and the fans of the purple cow were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the novelty: bittersweet pralines. Selected journalists received the first sample from us and could try themselves how the famous chocolate tastes with 45% share of cocoa. Some of them even wrote to us for another batch. That tells us only one thing - the good old delivery still works!


Betsys's Exclusive Interview: From Computer to Hospodářské noviny

Native PR is helping Betsys, a leading developer of betting software, to build publicity beyond IT circles. Therefore, we have organized an exclusive interview in Hospodářské noviny. Following the announcement of the ownership changes, we used the right moment to introduce Betsys to the general public. You can read the interview with the founder of Betsys - Jiří Najman, here.  


Mondi Štětí offers free COVID-19 tests for its employees

From Monday, August 31, 2020, Mondi Štětí offers its employees a new benefit - the opportunity to get tested for COVID-19 for free. With this preventive step, Mondi wants to prevent the possible spread of the disease in its plant. New benefit also includes an opportunity for family members to get tested for a discounted price. Mondi also offers the testing to the general public for a standard fee. Native PR took care of both internal and external communication of the whole project. The issued press release appeared in several regional media....


Survey for Lidya: A fifth of SMEs will not have enough to pay their taxes

Due to coronavirus, companies can file an annual corporate income tax declaration until 18th August, this year. Lidya's research confirmed that this measurement evoked a mainly positive response among the SMEs. According to Lidya, 7 % of businesses planned to borrow for taxes even before the state of emergency emerged. However, the economic situation of many of them has gone significantly worse and according to current data, 17 % of small and medium-sized companies do not have money to pay for their taxes, 14 % of them will probably be forced...