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Xiaomi under the wings of Native PR

We do love new technology at Native PR, which is why we are very happy that Witty Trade s.r.o., one of the two official distributors of the Xiaomi brand for the Czech Republic, has chosen our agency for communication. Active cooperation between the two parties was launched in May. "Xiaomi products are very popular on the Czech market. However, with the growing popularity of the brand, the need for quality PR services is also growing. Native PR convinced us, that they are the right choice for us and our current needs, "said Kateřina Czyžová,...


Native PR seeks for new colleagues

We grow! Do you want to grow with us? We are looking for a talented and sympathetic colleague who: ● has experience with agency life ● has perfect communication skills ● has perfect spoken and written Czech ● has no problem with English ● is a team player ● honours fairness, responsibility, work structure - in short, he has his head on his neck ● does not lack self-reflection, has a perspective and a desire to learn new things And what do we offer? ● interesting portfolio of...


Native PR on headlines of leading news servers

The role of a PR agency is to help clients in building good relations with the public. One of the ways to achieve this goal is through positive publicity, based on choosing the right topics at a certain time and, of course, presenting them correctly. The fact that Native PR is a leader in this area is also proven by its project to increase agencies visibility during the coronavirus crisis. It included a short public opinion poll examining how Czechs perceive news about coronavirus, which media are the key source of information and what role...


The chief economist of the Danish Saxo Bank visited Prague

The future belongs to strategies that come not only from the brains but also from the heart," said Saxo Bank's chief economist - Steen Jakobsen, whom we welcomed at the end of January in Prague, in the interview for internet portal The interview was based on the topic of climate change and inflation, which Steen Jakobsen addressed in his quarterly macroeconomic outlook, and which he said will be a topic that will continue to resonate and gain in importance. The journalists mediated by our agency Native PR were also interested in...


Mondi Štětí: The correct timing and appropriately chosen topic are the keys to a good press release

It is not easy to draw journalists attention, mainly because they receive dozens of press releases every day - especially during the coronavirus crisis. The key to success is to choose a current topic, the press release has to be written attractively and its release must be timed well. For our client Mondi Štětí, thanks to the combination of all the criteria above, we were able to spread the press release even beyond the borders of the region: the information about employees voluntarily sleeping in the workplace to prevent the spread of...


MultiSport has hired Native PR for crisis communication

MultiSport Benefit, the leader in sports and relaxation employee benefits, hired Native PR to provide communications support and lobbying related to government anti-coronavirus measures, that had a direct impact on MultiSport facilities, such as fitness centres etc. „The current situation has affected the physical activity sector as hard as hoteliers, restaurateurs and other services. From the beginning, we have tried to act on behalf of our almost 2,000 partners, to draw the government's attention towards the problems they are facing and to...


Native PR´s Survey: One in four entrepreneurs had previously borrowed money for tax payment

For the financial technology startup Lidya, which entered the Czech market in November 2019, we carried out research as a part of a brand awareness campaign, which was attended by 320 entrepreneurs and companies with up to fifty employees. The survey contained a total of 9 questions focused on information about loans. Among other things, it resulted in an interesting finding that in the past, 25 % of the surveyed entrepreneurs had to borrow money to pay the taxes. Given the current situation and the introduction of the government...


Mondi Štětí: Creativity as a key to a good employer branding

As a part of our HR marketing services provided to our client – the biggest Czech paper mills Mondi Štětí, we implemented a creative concept as well as accompanying activities to support the increase of participants in regular employee satisfaction surveys. Historically, it has struggled with relatively low employee participation, and it has proved once again, that a new creative concept put together with good communication of both the survey itself and its results, significantly increases the number of completed questionnaires. In Mondi's...


Our client published on a front page of MF Dnes

As a part of the editorial cooperation, 513 000 readers read about our client, the Wüstenrot financial group. The topic of intergenerational solidarity, designed and processed by our agency Native PR, appeared on the front page as well as on almost the entire page 6. In the beginning, there was a new communication concept for the Wüstenrot financial group, which freely followed the product division of target groups and used the current topic of housing shortages. Part of the proposal prepared by our agency was an extensive survey mapping...


Communication under the threat of Coronavirus

Did you have to change your plans due to the pandemic? Are you struggling with either external or internal communication? We are here for you. Don't hesitate to contact us via