HR Marketing and Employer Branding

Building an Employer Branding

Building an employer brand and recruiting quality employees is the number one issue for most of our clients. We help companies spread their good reputation towards potential employees - whether by building career pages,communicating in the media, online presentations, or using social networks. We deal with employee motivation and actively engage them in the dissemination of corporate reputation because they are the main bearers of a good employer brand.

How we can help you: We design and implement a communications campaign tailored to your business' specific needs to help reach the right potential employees and get them to an interview with your HR manager.

Strengthening employee engagement

Employee engagement is now a popular topic widely discussed at most of the "big" HR conferences. At Native PR, we try not to keep this issue behind the doors of professional forums. We help our clients implement internal changes that visibly increase employees' willingness to participate in the running and functioning of the company. As part of our collaboration, we conduct internal opinion polls and propose strategic plans to increase employee engagement based upon the results. We focus on the active involvement of employees from all levels, support and training of managers in order to strengthen their communication and motivational roles, as well as connecting engagement with other processes in the company.

How we can help you: Based on a guided discussion with your organization's management, we define the exact assignment and goals of an internal engagement project. We will propose a strategy to achieve this goal effectively. We will assist you in managing and executing internal communication and will provide experienced consultants and coaches to explain to your managers how they can improve their communication and motivation skills.

Employee motivation to participate in the innovation process

With our clients, we often address how to motivate employees to get out of their daily routine and think about what could be improved in their company. We help persuade employees that minor improvements can be important and motivate them to actively come up with such improvements to their work environment.

How we can help you: Design and implement an internal communication project to increase employee motivation to participate in the company's innovation process.

Involvement of employees in OSH prevention

We actively integrate employees into occupational safety prevention: employees themselves have the ability to participate in shaping work systems, recommend, propose and demand improvement.

How we can help you: We will create a project proposal for you to actively involve your employees in OSH prevention. We will then help you implement this proposal.

Increase employee engagement in environmental protection

We design and implement programs for our employees to bring, consult, and implement ideas that encourage corporate engagement in environmental protection and sustainability.

How we can help you: Create a project proposal for you to actively involve employees in your environmental programs. We will then help you implement this proposal.

Supporting employees' healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle equals a more efficient and happier employee. Our projects help to promote a healthy diet, improvements in the working environment, engagement of employees in sporting activities and preventing various illnesses.

How we can help you: Create a communication campaign for you to promote the healthy lifestyle of your employees. We will then help you implement this proposal.

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