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Taking out a Mortgage Raises Unnecessary Concerns. See forYourselfon the Housing Comparison Website by Wüstenrot

Eight out of ten Czechs prefer living in the housing that they own. Prices of apartments have significantly increased in the past decade, predominantly in large cities. The availability of own housing has been worsening and concerns about a long-term financial obligation in the form of a mortgage loan makes more and more people to live in rented apartments. Wüstenrot compared monthly costs of the mortgage loan with costs of apartment rental in individual regions. Calculations made by a new project, Housing Comparison, show that mortgage is...


Mondi Celebrates 70 Years of the Papermaking Tradition in the Region

The largest Czech paper mill, Mondi Štětí, celebrates 70 years from the formation of the original production plan, formerly known as Severočeské papírny. Mondi has successfully continued the tradition of papermaking industry in Štětí for almost 20 years. The paper mill celebrated 70 years of its existence at one of the largest events in the region – Memorial Air Show held in Roudnice nad Labem. A special Mondi zone was prepared for the employees and their families and, in addition to the air show, visitors enjoyed a concert by Mandrage. ...


MOL: Fuels with “Quality Certificate”

At a press conference that we organised for our client, MOL, directly at a filling station in Podolí, Prague, cooperation with SGS was officially announced. SGS is number one on the worldwide market of inspections, verifications and certifications, and will be an independent control body for the monitoring of fuels at MOL filling stations. Directly on the spot, attendants had the possibility to see sampling and testing of fuel samples thanks to a mobile laboratory; since that moment, the fuels bear the Quality Certificate. The certificate...


Seminar "How to list a tender"

On Wednesday, June 12, a seminar was held at the PR Club on how to list a tender and select a PR agency. The management partner of our agency, Václav Pavelka, participated as a speaker. The participants agreed that the clients were looking for high-quality agency teams, and therefore tenders should have far more recruitment parameters than raw resources or technologies. The efficiency of the whole process is also important. Too extensive requirements, assignments and bureaucracy increase the costs for both the client and the agencies and can...


Rally Day with MOL

Rally Day with MOL was held in Bělá pod Bezdězem on Tuesday 4th June. The event was organized for MOL wholesale partners to strengthen partnerships. The program of the day was very varied. Alongside riders from the Vančík Motorsport team, rally circuit participants could enjoy the role of being a Fabia R5 co-driver, test their driving skills on an offroad polygon, experience driving under the simulated influence of alcohol and drugs, or drive buggies. The founder of Vančík Motorsport, Jaroslav Vančík and representatives of MOL ČR were present...


V. Pavelka lectured in Warsaw

On 7 June, our managing partner Václav Pavelka participated in the Warsaw International Conference of the Poultry Association in Warsaw. He was invited to the conference as a communication expert and consultant and spoke about "The Reputation of Polish Food in the Czech Republic". Although Poland is one of Europe's largest food suppliers, and millions of satisfied customers in many countries buy Polish products, Václav Pavelka says that we will still need to work on the reputation of Polish food in our country.


Lemur 2019 - 3rd place for MOL Fresh Corner

This year's Czech PR Prize awarded 3rd place to the MOL Fresh Corner project. The 14th Czech PR Prize - Lemur 2019, organized by the Association of PR Agencies (APRA), took place on the first Tuesday of June. The expert committee selected two projects from the Native PR laboratory for the final nominations. With the project "Fresh Corner as a building block of MOL", we placed in a beautiful 3rd place in the category "Services." With the second project "External defibrillators that save lives at MOL stations" we appeared among the five...


Another Making a Difference Day took place in Mondi Štětí

The Making a Difference Day 2019: Mondi Štětí is a place where we enjoy living! The biggest Czech paper mill Mondi Štětí has held the traditional 22.-23. May Making a Difference Day with Safety Theme. The program included both educational and entertaining activities for both employees and children from adjacent primary schools. Employees did not hesitate and embarked on solving of trapboxes, trying to shoot sound at a target or walking with a blind dog. In turn, the children had the opportunity to compete at their sites for a sum of money for...


The export of Czech beer is growing

The export of Czech beer is successful: you can find it in Antarctica, in Bahrain or Ecuador. Last year, Czech breweries exported 5.2 million hectoliters of beer abroad, which was 11.8 percent more than in 2017. The largest volume, which was exported to EU countries, grew by 10 percent year-on-year; however, exports to other countries exceeded it with dynamic growth, the Czech Breweries and Maltsters Association said on Thursday. Exports to non-EU countries rose by a fifth last year, beer from the Czech Republic is heading to virtually all...