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Arranging an interview for a client on a leading online platform? No problem!

Last week, an interview with Pavel Zemene, Chairman of the EPS Association, took place on the Seznam news portal. The interview, organized by our agency Native PR, focused mainly on the issues currently plaguing the polystyrene industry, such as the change of the fire standards, and the general topic of insulation. The fact that clients are always at the first place for us goes without saying. Naturally, that also applies to the EPS Association, with which we have been cooperating for more than 15 years! The interview can be viewed here....


Václav Pavelka elected to the APRA Executive Board

The founder of the Native PR agency, Václav Pavelka, was elected to the executive board of APRA (Association of Public Relations) yesterday. Václav previously chaired the association itself and thus directly participated in the formation of ethical and professional standards in the field of PR in the Czech Republic. Now, after a short break, he returns to the association. Among other things, he will be in charge of the Lemur professional competition. In 2019, he was awarded by APRA for his lifelong contribution to the field. He has also been a...


Mondi Štětí: A paper legend in the heart of Bohemia

To support brand awareness and strengthen the image of significant paper company Mondi Štětí, our agency Native PR has created a completely new communication strategy along with the headline. We have thus launched a new stage of communication towards the general public. The purpose of setting the new image of Mondi Štětí is not only to establish a relationship with the public and potential employees but also to build a sense of pride in the place where people work and live. The campaign aims to acquaint the general public with the Mondi...


Covid is more suitable for alternative financing of companies

The pandemic has greatly affected the path to new investment loans for the majority of entrepreneurs. There is a lesser demand for large investment loans. Financial houses are prudent, with increasing the price of a loan or requiring stronger collateral. The situation suits fintech companies. Innovations even allow them to target companies that would be too risky for the banks. The head of the Czech branch of Lidya, which has been a client of the Native PR agency for more than a year now, answered questions for MF Dnes, in an interview...


The difficulties of sports venues have gained the attention of the news

For MultiSport Benefit, a leading provider of employee benefits in the field of sports and relaxation, COVID-19 represents a business and communication challenge. Native PR provides services for MultiSport, in the area of ​​crisis communication, for almost a year now. Together, we defend the interests of the entire sports sector, which is experiencing hard times after entering the new year, still under government measures. At the end of January, we alerted journalists about its existential difficulties through a survey of sports venue...


Panasonic headphones in the Prago Union clip

The famous Czech hip-hop group Prago Union presented a new video clip called Olympionic. In addition to DJ and rapper Kato, Panasonic headphones also appeared in the leading role. How did the whole thing start? When we first got our hands on Panasonic Deep Bass wireless headphones at Native PR, it was clear to us that we had to come up with something "bigger". Ideally working with someone who appreciates quality sound and powerful bass. So we ground into a pool where we were sure that is gonna be a demand for similar products. DJ and rapper...


Olympic winner for Panasonic

You could say that working for clients is sometimes a small decathlon. The main disciplines are crisis communication, PR services and influencer marketing. In the Native PR agency, we have perfected these skills and thanks to our long-term cooperation with Panasonic, we have also put them into practice. This year's icon in our pre-Christmas communication was the Olympic winner, world champion and moderator - Roman Šebrle. We have fully evaluated his years of professional experience in the campaign's posts for social networks and the...


EPS ČR has once again chosen Native PR

The Association of Airpop Manufacturers has again chosen Native PR as its partner for public relations services. This year, they will celebrate 15 years of cooperation. The strategic task of the agency is a communication campaign to support the reduction of energy in buildings and strengthen the perception of polystyrene as the most suitable insulation material. Experienced manager Jana Bartáková will be in charge of the cooperation on behalf of the agency.


Surprise gifts for the ones that expect it the least

Each of us has someone who brings him joy. Especially in these fragile difficult times, we tend to pay more attention to those important moments and appreciate them. This is exactly what we followed when planning the PR campaign, which we implemented for the Milka chocolate brand at the end of the year. As part of media relations, we collected stories of people who, according to readers, deserve a gift and at the same time will not expect it. Thanks to that, we got into the hands of hundreds of stories, which we rewarded by sending a Christmas...