Mondelez promotes responsible cultivation of wheat


Mondelez's Harmony Initiative promotes responsible wheat cultivation. Mondelez presented the Harmony project at a press trip in the Lovosice plant, the principle of which is to support sustainable and environmentally friendly wheat growing. From 2022 Mondelez will produce all biscuits in Europe only from wheat grown with minimal use of pesticides and fertilizers. In the fields of farmers who supply this special wheat to the group, part of the fields are left as a meadow belt and a country lane for pollinators. Basic Products …

The basic products for making biscuits are cocoa and wheat. The aim of the company is to obtain these raw materials from nature responsibly. "We strive to motivate mills and growers to engage in the sustainability program. We want to reduce the environmental footprint of wheat, because it's growth is associated with morphoregulators, pesticides and fertilizers," said Communications Director for the Czech Republic, Gabriela Bechynska. In 2022, the group will produce biscuits in Europe only from wheat grown in the Harmony Initiative, whose logo can be found on the company's products in September.