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To gain the attention of customers and consumers today is increasingly demanding. Each sector has more and more players that offer comparable quality and the product or service no longer provides a competitive advantage. Public space is overcrowded with information and traditional marketing tools are losing their functionality. That is why there is a significant increase in value of services that our PR and marketing agency provides to the clients. We possess the ability to gain and keep a client’s attention, build upon their trust and ensure a positive difference from our competition. We own tools to increase employee loyalty and motivation. Through effective communication we stimulate demand and influence public opinion.

We entered the public relations market in 1993 and since then we have successfully worked on hundreds of projects for multinational as well as domestic corporations, medium sized businesses or non-profit organizations. Our solutions are awarded each year in both domestic and international competitions. As a founding member of the Czech Association of Public Relations Agencies (APRA) we determine the trends in PR field and strive to stretch out the public relations boundaries. We are certified according to international standards of quality management ICCO CMS. Through the medium of our long-time partners we are able to provide services also in foreign markets.

  • Vaclav Pavelka

    Vaclav Pavelka

    Founder and key consultant of the agency. He has been in the field of public relations since 1993. Václav specializes in the development of strategies, crisis communication and building relationships with the public administration. He stood behind many key projects and campaigns implemented for clients of the agency. Václav graduated from the Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics in Prague. In the years 1996-2011 he was a member of the Executive Board, a professional association APRA, including four years as its Chairman. In this role, he significantly contributed to the development of professional and ethical standards in the field of PR in the Czech Republic. He publishes in professional journals, lectures at industry conferences and is a teacher of several courses.


We create an effective strategy for developing your company's reputation

A good company reputation is a key to success. It helps to sell, enables to gain and to retain top employees and lowers the risk of conflicts with interest groups that have influence on business. For our clients we process complex analysis of target groups (steakholders) and based on these analysis we propose long-term strategies of building relationships between them and our clients. The success of this work is subsequently measured by long-term research of opinions of a given company.

We will ensure that customers will know and prefer your products or services

Consumers are overwhelmed by the increasing number of less original advertising, and that is the reason why the effectiveness of traditional advertising declines. To ensure the same effect, companies are forced to spend ever increasing amounts of funds on media purchasing. We have an array of tools that are cheaper and more creative and can build a relationship of consumers to a particular brand. We can create a long-term story that will appeal to costumers by its direct communication through the internet and has the potential to get into the relevant media. When creating product PR strategies we are used to working closely with agencies that provide other components of the marketing mix.

We will help increase loyalty and commitment of your employees

Good managers pay attention to the fact that employees are proud of the company and that rumors and gossips are not the main source of information. Our PR agency has had a number of successful internal communications projects for various types of companies. We will create a comprehensive internal communication strategy for your company, we will also realize internal surveys of opinion, will help you with publishing your employee magazine, will design the content of your intranet or will realize a wide range of motivational competitions for your staff.

We know how to handle crisis situation with minimal impact on your reputation

Any company can become a target of criticism. It does not matter whether the criticism is justified or motivated by competitive reasons. In such moments comes the crisis communication, aimed at protecting the company’s good reputation and relationships with key target groups. With our clients, we have gone through dozens of large and small emergencies and we know how to deal with them in terms of communication and public relations. In addition, we have a lot of experience with the preparation of crisis communication plans, management training or organizing crisis simulations.

We will support public interests of your company

To represent, defend and promote the interests of a business entity in the legislative environment is a legitimate activity that is a normal part of liberal democracies. For our clients, we are ready to provide communication with the relevant target groups, whether they are deputies and senators, ministry officials, local government representatives, opinion leaders, regulatory authorities or an independent non-profit organization. Upon request we will process professional expertise and strategies, and will design and implement specific projects. Services in lobbying and public affairs will be effectively combined with tactical media relations, which is a practical way to ensure understanding and support of your interests.

We change public opinion and consumer behavior in your favor

The financial results are influenced not only by a competitive struggle in a given industry. The relationship between the public and a type of services or products as well as how much it is used plays a large role. We are a leader in the design and implementation of awareness campaigns that change public attitudes and behavior. The target may be to stimulate aggregate demand or to reduce undesirable behavioral patterns. This type of communication is also important in gaining public support for changes in legislation regulating a given business sector.

With us, internet will become your second home

Since the invention of the printing press the Internet is the biggest revolution in the field of communication. Having an official website is not enough anymore, as more and more emphasis is put on an efficient dialogue with customers. Tools such as social networks, blogs and discussion forums have turned consumers of advertising into speakers: they are no longer merely passive receivers of messages. If you want to win your way in today’s world of online communication, you should listen to your clients. We will help you deliver the message to the right target group at the right time and through the right type of media. We will also take care of your reputation across all online channels. We will help you optimize your website for search engines (SEO). Key parameters for the marketing strategies that we suggest are: accurate targeting, efficient communication and measurable results in a relevant time period.

We will teach you how to communicate with the media

The media are an important tool in corporate communication and have a major impact on whether the public knows the company and what the public thinks of the company. For our clients we have in the past organized tens of thousands of contacts with the media, whether it was the press releases, scientific articles, interviews or press conferences. Each delegate, who represents the company in the media, should know how the media works and how to most effectively communicate with them. Through theoretical and practical training we will teach you how to best convey your message to the journalist, how to react to unpleasant questions posed by the media and how to leverage the maximum for your company.



We let our clients express how they percieve our mutual cooperation and services provided.  You can see the list of our professional awards below.

Projects and campaigns that we create for our clients are annually awarded in professional competitions at home and abroad.

Overview of awards received:

Czech Award for Public Relations 2016

1st place in the Consumer Goods
project: Smart clothing style (KiK)

3rd place in the Internal Communication
Project: Heart Stories (Novartis)

3rd place in the Pharmacy
Project: HeartStories (Novartis)


Czech Award for Public Relations 2015

2nd place in the Technology, IT category
Project: Czech Banking Association against cybercrime  (Czech Banking Association)

2nd place in the Sport category
Project: Kick it with KiK (KiK textile and Non-Food GmbH)

3rd place in the Finance market and finance services category
Project: Boj o poplatky (Czech Banking Association)

Special AWARD for implementation and communication concept in the Crisis Communication category
Project: Boj o poplatky (Czech Banking Association)


Czech Award for Public Relations 2014

1st place in the Internal communication category
Project: Pick Your Opportunity (Mondi Štětí)

1st place in the Industry category
Project: Pick Your Opportunity (Mondi Štětí)

3rd place in the Services category
Project: Regional food in retail chains: Tesco partners with local grocery producers (Tesco Stores ČR)

Czech Award for Public Relations 2013

1st place in the B2C category (the project also placed among the top 5 out of all 120 projects registered)
Project: “Mistr Kutil“ (Hornbach)

2nd place in the Crisis Communication category
Project: ING Pension Fund is not participating in the 2nd pillar of the new pension system (ING Pension companies)

3rd place in the Pharmacy category
Project: The life of Czech haemophiliacs (Czech Association of Haemophiliacs)

Czech Award for Public Relations 2012

3rd place in the Pharmaceutical category, health sector
Project: The life of Czech hemophiliacs (Czech Hemophilia Society)

2nd place in the Services category
Project: Retail as a prospective employer (Tesco Stores)

3rd place in the Financial Market and Financial Services category
Project: The most expensive insurance is the one you do not have (Czech Insurers' Bureau)

Czech Award for Public Relations 2011

1st place in the Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy category
Project: Become a blood donor! (Birell)

2nd place in the Internal Communication category
Project: Kofola 1960 – the use of the 50th anniversary for internal communication (Kofola)

2nd place in a special category – Enterprise and Events
Project: Kofola 1960 – the use of the 50th anniversary for internal communication (Kofola)

3rd place in the FMCG category
Project: Become a blood donor! (Birell)

European Excellence Awards 2011

Project: Citibank introduces a new market trend (Citibank)
The project was among the top five in the category Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia

Czech Award for Public Relations 2010

2nd place in the Financial Markets category
Project: February, the insurance month (Czech Insurance Association)

2nd – 3rd place in the B2C category
Project: February the insurance month (Czech Insurance Association)

SABRE Awards 2010

Project: Driving without liability insurance is a gamble (Czech Insurers' Bureau)
The project was among the top five in the Central Eastern Europe category

European Excellence Awards 2009

Project: Driving without liability insurance is a gamble (Czech Insurers' Bureau)
The project placed among the top five

Czech Award for Public Relations 2008

1st place in the Financial Markets category
Project: Driving without liability insurance is a gamble (Czech Insurers' Bureau)

Czech Award for Public Relations 2006

3rd place in the B2C category
Project: Do not underestimate the risk (Czech Insurers' Bureau)

3rd place in the B2C category
Project: Thermal insulation is essential (Czech EPS Association)

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